About us

& crazy stuff. Yummy AF!

Mr. Pancake® and PIZZA BOYZ® is a story of two brothers who graduated from university and chose to risk everything and change their life!

It was August 2010 and we were driving home from holidays to Warsaw. The idea to start our own business was born when we were talking in the car – to be precise, we complained about how much we hated to go back to work. We had graduated from university a short time before and our jobs gave us little satisfaction and money. But we had always cherished a dream of doing something unseen before, something we could be proud of.


When we were little, our Granny emigrated to New York and she would send us sweets from there. Hershey’s chocolates are still one of our nicest memories and, we believe, they must have been an inspiration for us – perhaps subconsciously – to conceive the idea of Mr. Pancake.

All beginnings
are difficult

Raising capital to start up, finding a good place and, above all, responsibility for running a business. All that was often way above our heads. The first year we worked alone (and the restaurant was open 12 hours 7 days a week) and we made our first profit no sooner than after 3 years. At the same time, we were working on our menus and procedures, we learnt how to control the food costs and we got familiar with Profit&Loss Excel files. After 7 years, we managed to develop one of the finest catering concepts in Poland.

We had the passion all the time and, we believe, passion is what matters most in making a durable growth in business. However proud of our success we are now, we want to keep developing because if you are not moving forward, you may vanish from the market very soon, these days. We are still very modest people because we remember the modest beginning of it all years ago.

Honestly, we do love what we are doing!

Maciej Śliwa
Piotrek Śliwa